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STEM education – inspiring young people

You want to inspire young people for MINT, i.e. mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology. What drives you? Do you want to enable young people in particular to better understand the world and actively help shape it through STEM education? Or do you want to attract young people to scientific or technical professions through STEM education?

15 years experience in STEM education

As experts in STEM education and STEM promotion with over 15 years of experience, we develop the right strategy, design the appropriate measures and implement them together with you. With matrix you can really reach young people through successful communication and create an impact in STEM education along the chain of education institutions through target group-oriented STEM projects. This results in your relevant STEM offer which makes the difference.

MINT education in the school laboratory in NRW

STEM education: The range of services spans from strategy to successful communication to inspiring labs.

Our services covers the entire range of STEM education - from the first consultation to implementation to accounting and evaluation. In addition, as a long-standing player in STEM education, we are familiar with funding programs, exciting methods of involving young people, communication strategies and the design of entire learning and experience spaces - online in the form of e-communities and physically in the form of laboratories. What drives us? We want to lay the foundations so that secure knowledge and new insights can form the basis of political and economic action and be accepted as such. We call this science transformation. With all our activities we want to inspire young people to discover, learn and share knowledge.

Our services in STEM education

STEM initiatives and STEM projects

STEM initiative &
STEM project

matrix develops, manages and monitors your STEM project or your MINT initiative: from the initial idea to recruiting participants and multipliers to further development. For example, do you want to promote the development of STEM specialists for an entire region or do you want to strengthen sustainability through STEM education? As the sponsor of your MINT initiative, matrix assumes full responsibility for the implementation. You don't have to build up any additional capacity, benefit from the matrix's more than 15 years of experience in STEM and still determine the guidelines.

MINT experience locations and MINT school labs

STEM experience locations &
STEM labs

STEM experience places can be extracurricular and school learning places. They create an inspiring environment, invite you to do something yourself and to share. This is how STEM becomes lively, practical and approachable. matrix accompanies you from the first idea to implementation and operation. This is how your place of learning and experience will be a success.

We run the matrixLAB – the student laboratory for MINTplus, digitality & sustainability.

Get girls excited about STEM

Get more girls and young women interested in STEM

Do you want to get more girls and young women interested in an apprenticeship, a study program or your next course? matrix develops suitable content concepts, exciting courses and the appropriate target group-oriented communication. The most important thing is to put STEM in contexts that are interesting for girls and young women and to hit the right note. Suitable role models also encourage girls and young women to dare more STEM. With matrix, you can get more girls and young women interested in STEM.

STEM funding program

STEM funding program

Do you also want to strengthen STEM financially as part of a funding program? matrix will work with you to develop a funding program that is suitable in terms of content and form and will support you in its implementation. On request, we can also assume overall responsibility, right through to the correct financial and funding law processing. Monitoring, accounting and evaluation are also part of the service.

STEM education: develop community

STEM communities

People learn best with and from each other. STEM communities promote STEM education through fellowship and exchange. matrix develops the right e-platform for this, carries out participatory learning formats such as BarCamps or a Youth ScienceCamp and inspires entire teams with STEM team events. Benefit from our many years of experience with young and adult target groups.

STEM Education: Communication is essential

STEM campaigns

Getting contributors to a STEM initiative, network partners or simply participants for STEM measures – communication ensures the necessary reach. matrix co-creatively develops the right messages for your MINT project and reaches your target groups on the right channels. We hit the right note with our campaigns for young people and adults.

Student laboratory for MINTplus, digitality & sustainability

Trying out MINTplus topics and raising awareness about the challenges of this time - that's what the matrixLab is for.

References in STEM

Reference STEM Education Educational program for STEM

educational initiative
for STEM: zdi

With over 5.000 partnerships with partners from science, schools, business, politics and society, zdi is the largest STEM network of its kind in Europe. In North-Rhine-Westfalia there are over 100 zdi student laboratories and zdi courses in all districts. Zukunft durch Innovation.NRW (Future through Innovation.NRW - zdi) is a joint approach to promote young scientists and engineers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

matrix has been working as the main zdi office on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for over 15 years.

Reference STEM education Network for STEM actors

STEM community: "MINTvernetzt"

"MINTvernetzt" is the central service and contact point for MINT stakeholders throughout Germany. The network center, funded by the BMBF (Ministry for education and research Germany) until at least 2025, offers exchange, advice and practical tips as well as suggestions for innovative and sustainable educational programs and courses in STEM. 

In this project, matrix gGmbH works in conjunction with the Stifterverband, the National MINT Forum, the University of Regensburg and the Körber Foundation. The matrix gGmbH team is responsible for setting up and operating the MINT-e platform as well as for community management.

Reference funding program for STEM education

Support program
for STEM: zdi-BSO-MINT

The "zdi-BSO-MINT" program gives schoolchildren from general education schools in NRW a detailed insight into fields of STEM application in a wide variety of contexts as part of a career and study orientation program from class 7 on.  

matrix implements the entire program as a certified educational institution with funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal Employment Agency. The team works closely with 52 contractual partners from all regions of the state.

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