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Smart products bring added value

With the product development of matrix your products become smart. Through digitization, your products can bring even more benefits to customers. For example, an orthosis is given an additional task: Thanks to an intelligent sole, it measures the pressure in the shoe and in this way prevents wounds from forming. Good smart products provide real added value.

Wearables – feedback or ergonomics 

Prototype interactive sole

We specialize in the product development of intelligent products that people wear on their bodies. These wearables monitor, give feedback or support ergonomics. They give people more security, support them in optimizing their performance or prevent complaints - at work or in their free time. 

Cost-efficient product development

Product development with matrix is ​​fast, digital and cost-efficient. Our special competence in product development: We combine traditional craftsmanship and, for example, textile materials with ultra-modern digital know-how. To do this, we work with a wide range of technologies: from sewing with live threads to 3D printing and soft robotics - depending on what the particular challenge demands. Incidentally, in many cases these processes can easily be transferred to other product areas.

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Portrait of Frank Hodey

"I'm positively surprised by what matrix has achieved in such a short time. I particularly liked the systematic recording of all possible questions and their relevance in order to create a precise description of the goal. And of course the rapid translation into digitally manufactured prototypes."

Managing director
Shareholder VitalCentrum Hodey KG

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Specify and procure materials and components

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Rapid Prototyping

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