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From innovation hub to student laboratory

A creative lab or creative hub is an open space for thinking and a space for co-creative action. It brings people, technology and methods together. That is how new perspectives and possibilities grow. It creates innovative products and business areas, start-ups, real interest in STEM as well as new knowledge and accepted research. The characteristics of a creative hub or a creative lab can be very different, the range is very large: from innovation hub to makerspace and fablabs to student laboratories and the living lab with its' citizen science approach as a large experimental field. 

Creative Labs - from MakerSpace to FabLab
FabAcademy: Learn to make (almost) anything
Fab Foundation - Adriana Cabrera

matrix & FabLab

  • Adriana cabreramatrix, is a fabacademy instructor.
  • matrix is ​​a partner of the Fabricademy.
  • In the project we live the FabLab idea.

Creative Lab – Redesign and evolve

Do you want to create new perspectives and opportunities? Or evolve your existing innovation network? matrix designs your hub or lab with you. Which specifications fit your goal? How do you involve the relevant stakeholders? matrix clarifies these and many other questions with you at the start and then accompanies the implementation up to the opening and evaluation. 

Different forms

Innovation Hubs

The focus is on new products, new business models, new forms of work in existing companies or as start-ups.

student labs

Developing more skilled workers through enthusiasm for STEM, health, crafts, digitization or other topics - that is the goal.

living laboratories

Scientists and citizens conduct research on an equal footing. The result is sustainable development and acceptance of science.

First sensible steps


Which funding programs can you use for your lab or hub? You can find an initial overview here

project outline

The project outline is the first step on the way to gaining funding. You can find out what a good project outline includes here

More insights in our study

Fact of a robot from the study Co-creative innovation locations in Germany

Study - "Co-creative innovation locations in Germany"

We asked over 100 operators in Germany about their innovation locations. You can find the results in our study.

matrix - Creative Hub

matrix seminar 26.10.23

Do you want to develop the innovative power of your region as a driver and innovator, as a business promoter or as an entrepreneur? Get concrete starting points and inspiration!

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