Equality of Opportunity

Equal opportunities are a central element of general human rights and our federal German constitution. It holds many opportunities for our economy, for our political system and for sustainable social development.

Equal opportunities, education & inclusion

Participation for health, education and inclusion

With numerous projects in very different areas, matrix contributes to improving the chances of people, companies and organizations to act independently. In these projects we work specifically on general conditions and on concrete improvements. We focus on key topics: educational equity, sustainability, inclusion and social participation. Here we have special technical, content and methodological expertise.

Relevance = Impact + Reach

All projects that we develop and implement in these key areas should set standards in their respective context. They should achieve a particularly high level of relevance. For us, relevance is always the combination of impact and reach. Together with our customers and partners, we work to ensure that we:

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develop attitude
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participation rights
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Our experience shows us that this is only possible if everyone involved defines and implements the goals and project ideas together.

More equal opportunities in Germany

For more equal opportunities

Our focus

social participation

In many areas of social and economic life, inclusion is reduced to the target group of people with disabilities. This is not only far too short-sighted, but also marginalizing in itself. matrix wants to fundamentally counteract this by supporting planning, promoting and shaping actors in sustainably improving social participation.

For a number of years, matrix has been supporting Aktion Mensch in its nationwide model initiative for communal inclusion. Our tasks range from the strategic and technical cooperation with the project management to the close process support of the actors of the model municipalities to the transfer of experiences and methods to other municipalities in Germany.

With the HelpCamps project, we have also worked on very fundamental – but this time technical – barriers to inclusion.

In the Wartburg district, we have been supporting the creation of an action plan for people with disabilities in accordance with the Thuringian Inclusion Act (ThürGIG) since November 2022.

We have added the voices and needs of citizens to the participation report of the city of Erlangen. In focus group interviews, we talked to single parents, people with disabilities, caring relatives and people looking for accommodation on the topics of “living” and “care”.

educational opportunities

Educational opportunities in Germany are still very unequally distributed in international comparison. That is well known. matrix is ​​working on various projects to improve these opportunities for very different groups. The two major initiatives zdi.NRW and MINTvernetzt are primarily aimed at the early childhood and school phases of the education chain.

The projects Next Career and Dialogue for teacher training deal with the topic of doubts about studying and dropping out of studies. A special feature of these projects is that we always open up and systematically integrate as large a part of the relevant communities as possible. This is done, among other things, through dialogue and community platforms.


Increasing opportunities through and for more diversity plays a major role in many of the matrix team's projects. A particular focus is the topic of promoting women and girls. We are committed to non-discriminatory access for girls and young women to education, training, study and professional careers.

The perception, appreciation and utilization of the achievements of female scientists is also of particular concern to us. Two of our current project examples are the Fabricademy and shemakes.eu, in which we, together with our partners, focus on young women in the international and national maker scene.

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