6 tips for creating TikTok videos

6 tips for creating TikTok videos

What Makes a Good TikTok Video? And what needs to be considered when creating a TikTok video? We give you 6 tips for creating TikTok videos.

Tool Lab in Remscheid

Experimental and adventure place in Remscheid

The ToolLab aims at getting people excited about craftsmanship and digitization.

This is how you communicate successfully with the target group of young people

Generation Z has its own language, its own sense of humor - and this is often differentiated according to different subgroups, because young people are anything but a homogeneous target group. As ...

Storytelling the common thread_

Storytelling – “The Red Thread”

Content marketing thrives on stories. This is how storytelling succeeds.

Innovation is controlling coincidences

“Innovation is controlling coincidences”  

– Innovation Labs, MakerSpaces and more at universities Coincidences cannot of course be controlled, but as an actor in an ecosystem I can make them more likely. For this you have to be aware of your...

Adriana Cabrera in the lab

Getting women interested in labs

Interview with Adriana Cabrera, a FabLab-Expert who has a lot of experience in leading projects involving women.