Situations in life and opportunities for participation in Erlangen

Participation report Erlangen

"First the others, then we..." The social department of the city of Erlangen publishes a report on participation opportunities in Erlangen for the first time and thus a milestone in its own social reporting. ...

The trainee campus in Dorsten

Dorsten trainee campus

Markus Funk, Managing Director of Economic Development in Dorsten, in an interview.

Workation – a journey from Düsseldorf to Australia

Marion Sonnenberg, matrix employee, dares the self-test and embarks on her first workation.


This year's International Women's Day has the motto: #EmbraceEquity. Translated, this means promoting justice or, as we interpret it in the matrix, promoting equal opportunities. In various projects we are already committed ...

In white letters on a petrol-colored background it says: €1.000 for more equal opportunities

€1.000 for more equal opportunities

At the beginning of 2023, we reached over 1.000 followers on LinkedIn. To celebrate the day we have come up with something special: among the last 100 followers we have one person...

matrix Seminar: Innovation Hubs - FabLabs, Makerspaces, Student Laboratories and Co.

matrix seminar "Innovation Hubs - FabLabs, Makerspaces, Student Laboratories and Co."

For drivers, innovators, business promoters and entrepreneurs