process support

Complex projects and processes not only require internal project management, but also benefit greatly from external process support. This applies in particular when people from very different living environments and decision-making levels take part in the process and when different actors such as municipalities, regions or industries work on a topic as part of a project.

Technical competence – moderation - Coaching

The process support provides the professional transfer between these actors and brings in professional input, which ranges from the legal framework and funding guidelines to target group knowledge and process competence. In addition, the task of process support is personal and methodical strengthening of the project management in order to moderate the very different people and interests on site. In this sense, the process support is an active listener, motivator, coach, sparring partner and subject matter expert.

Process support at eye level

At eye level

Appreciative communication

The process support asks the right questions based on their technical expertise, strengthens the role of project management, provides structure and accompanies individual process steps. In this way, it promotes successful communication, transparency and ultimately good results. matrix process facilitators place a special focus on appreciative communication at eye level with all those involved and an appropriate balance of interests.

Reference process support

Reference BZgA


Since October 2020, matrix consulting has been providing process support for the municipalities funded from the "Municipal Structure Development" funding program in the federal states of Bavaria and Thuringia on behalf of the GKV Alliance for Health.

The municipalities receiving support are supported in developing and implementing a sustainable overall municipal strategy for the establishment and expansion of health-promoting structures.

During the entire funding period, the consultants at matrix GmbH will be on hand to advise the actors on site as process facilitators for individual questions. This is funded by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on behalf of and with funds from the statutory health insurance companies according to §20a SGB V.

reference action human

Human Action – Municipality Inclusive

Together with the municipal administration, associations, other organizations and many citizens, "Kommune InInclusive" wants to develop municipalities further into places where everyone is welcome and can participate.

matrix has been supporting all five model municipalities since 2019. The initiative has tested what concepts and structure-changing measures for the long-term design of inclusive social spaces look like, how participatory processes can be promoted and how awareness-raising and sensitization for inclusion among local actors can be supported.

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