Management of grant programs

Management of grant programs

certqua quality management

As a public institution or as a company, would you like to set up a funding program? matrix will work with you to develop a program that is suitable in terms of content and form and will be happy to support you in its implementation.

If you wish, we can assume overall responsibility right through to the correct financial and funding law processing. We also have the relevant experience in the monitoring, accounting and evaluation of such programs.

Impact & reach for your funding program

In order for your program to be successful, it must be relevant and attractive for the content objectives and the intended target groups. For us, relevance always means reach and impact. With regard to funding programs, this means not only precise and impact-oriented program design (e.g. the objects to be funded and above all the funding goals) on the one hand sufficient flexibility for you as the funding provider and for the funding recipients, but also intelligent publication and dissemination of calls for funding and an on communication tailored to the target group. You benefit from the well-established cooperation between matrix advice and the matrix agency.

Referenz zdi-BSO-MINT

Reference funding program

matrix implements the program with grants from the NRW regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, currently EUR 8 million per year for measures in the field of career and study orientation.

For the zdi-BSO-MINT program, matrix developed the award criteria and the award process in coordination with the sponsors and carries them out independently, up to the verification of the appropriate use. For this purpose, the matrix regularly undergoes certification processes.

The zdi-BSO-MINT program is intended to give pupils at general schools in NRW a detailed first-hand insight into MINT subjects as part of in-depth career and study orientation from class 7 and thus promote their inclination to study and career choice in this field and so on counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

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