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For people on a mission

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You want to bring about change - in your region, in Germany, in the world. They want people to make different decisions and act more innovatively. As a politician or as a scientist, you want new findings to be understood because this is the only way they can be incorporated into action. In short: you have a mission!

Such a mission by a ministry, a research institution, a non-profit organization or a profit company is carried out with particular enthusiasm and particular commitment. It should get people moving. In order for the communication to have this effect and to achieve the desired reach, it needs a special instinct. We help to activate people and support people with a mission. We rely on multimedia format development and campaigning. If you also want to get people to support your commitment with time or money, it becomes particularly challenging.

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communication from matrix has already:

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teacher training generated

Attention-grabbing campaigns

matrix also develops the strong campaign for your mission. Do you want to make your mission more tangible? Together with you, we design concrete projects that match your commitment. They go far beyond mere communication. We have particular competence in terms of content in the fields of STEM education, equal opportunities and the Innovation Hub.

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communicate knowledge

Do you want to communicate knowledge in an understandable way so that it can have an impact on the world? As an agency with a MINT focus, we do science communication. Our special passion is modern science formats from TikTok and Instagram to the development of YouTube channels. We support you in the strategy and concept development, but we are also happy to take over every necessary part of the production. A special highlight is when we co-creatively set up the channels or develop content formats with young people, students or scientists.

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Non-profit organization

Your concern has a special social relevance. Perhaps you are also addressing a particularly vulnerable target group, such as sick people, people with disabilities or people in challenging life situations, for example in phases of doubt about their studies. We have experience with these target groups and are passionate about their equal opportunities. We design content together with the community, formulate messages precisely and use suitable, innovative channels.

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Corporate Responsibility campaign

Do you take your Corporate Responsibility & Corporate Citizenship seriously and want to convey it in credible formats? Do you consistently keep an eye on the social and ecological dimensions of your business and focus on a sustainable business model? Now it's time for the world to know more about it! We tell your stories cross-media in lively texts, attention-grabbing graphics and emotional films.

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