Aus dem FabLab

Ergebnisse der FabAcademy unseres matrix-Teams in Tunesien.

FabLab - Ort der Möglichkeiten
Hala, Amal und Ayoub

Congratulations Hala, Amal und Ayoub! Our Team in Tunisia has successfully graduated from the  Fab Academy 2021. They developed three projects: 1. a robot for emergency cases which detects obstacles, 2. a smart trap, which helps farmers to avoid the overuse of pesticides and 3. s humidifier in the shape of a traditional lantern.

“During the Fab Academy we learned to bring our ideas into reality” emphasized Hala. “And we managed to overcome electronic challenges by ourselves,” added Ayoub.

The following project presentations give an impression of their work and the possibilities a FabLab offers.

Ergebnis aus dem FabLab: eine Smart Trap
Erlebnis aus dem FabLab: Humidifier
Ergebnis aus dem FabLab: Smart Robot